Arhiva zilnică: 7 decembrie 2009

Hăuuuu I feel today ???

Traian Băsescu a declarat, în dimineaţa de luni, înainte de a pleca de la sediul PDL …
 ” E un fleac, i-am ciuruit ! „

 Eu mă simt aşa … voi ?!

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Happiness …

Rich, Elegant, Timeless … a great voice singing great songs … 

 Jonathan Jeremiah

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Last Day Of Earth

     Yesterday it was advised that today Earth meets a big meteorite and there is only a little chance that anyone will survive …

     So … she decides to spend her last minutes of life on the bike cause she wants to see how the end of the world actually looks. Maybe she will tell stories about it to her grandchildren. But she never will have chance to do it cause she was killed by one big wave five minutes after meteorite claped on Earth …

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